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Sabre rocket engine could open up access to space as never before

"A £60m pledge from the UK government puts Reaction Engines' Sabre rocket on course to change space exploration forever"

Category: Space


Dangerous global warming could be reversed, say scientists

"A combination of burning trees for energy and capturing and storing carbon dioxide could offset and even reverse emissions"

Category: Climate Change


Pumping water underground could trigger major earthquake, say scientists

New studies suggest injecting water for geothermal power or fracking can lead to larger earthquakes than previously thought _blank

Category: Energy sources


Biofuels plant opens to become UK's biggest buyer of wheat

"...concerns over the greenhouse savings from biofuels, and the potential for food price rises as crops are diverted to produce ethanol."

Category: Energy sources


Helicopter powered by man on bicycle wins $250,000 prize

"Human-powered helicopter hovers for more than a minute, defying sceptics' claims it was scientifically impossible"

Category: Transport

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