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Discussion online through PEEP

PEEP will host a variety of discussions in order to maximise its usefulness to teachers.

Students can be set homework to use these forums to discuss issues without taking up excessive amounts of lesson time.

Please use the Contact Us link on the discussion board to ask for user names for your class so that they can participate in discussion and to suggest new discussion topics.

When you let us know a discussion has run its course it will be archived. The topic can be revived for a new discussion with another group of students and the archive can be used by teachers.

Successful online discussion involves:

The more the merrier. There appears to be a ‘critical mass’ needed to maintain a discussion – many more people ‘lurk’ than actually contribute.

The 5 step framework proposed by Gilly Salmon points out stages such as a willingness to go online, basic socialisation and sharing information that each participant goes through before constructive discussion can develop. It makes sense therefore to allow a certain level of social chitchat.

Mutual respect. Teachers will be able to flag any contributions by their or other's students that they wish to be removed. If a student of yours is ‘flagged’ the PEEP team will let you know.


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