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What can we do?

Understanding our current energy use

Now we know that our current use of energy is both under threat and also causing climate change, what can we do about it?

The most important thing we can do is to become aware of how we all live and use energy individually, as a country and across the planet. Only then can we make good choices.


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On your bike!

We all need to reign in our energy use. Peter Lipman from
 Sustrans talks about how climate, energy, transport and food supply are all closely connected.


  • Find out what your local council is doing to promote energy saving in your area.
  • Why not visit your MP to find out his or her views on energy?
    You could ask what he or she is doing to represent your views.
    You can find your MP here.


We can all agree to act together through:

  • international agreements to use energy more efficiently and
    to produce less carbon as  we do so.
  • better design for:
    • transport - to use less oil, or alternative fuels
    • buildings - to use less in heating and lighting
    • industry - so that products require less energy to make and less energy to use.

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