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What does Space Science tell us about God?

New stars forming from gas clouds

In the centre of this image are new stars. Around them is the cloud of material from which they formed.
Photo: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA) - ESA/Hubble Collaboration

Religions usually provide guidance on how people should behave. Science is different, and it doesn’t try to do that.

Science does give rise to new challenges of ethics. Because of science, there are new questions of behaviour to think about. For example, is it right or wrong to explore space?

Science also provides accounts of the world, based on observation and evidence. These accounts can seem to some people to be at odds with accounts from some religions.

So... does science, such as astronomy, challenge religion and its guidance on how we should behave?

As with all ethical issues, it’s important to make decisions after having a good look at all of the information. So you will get a chance to vote later.

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NOT RATED Jason Wbb 15-07-08 12:20
I believe in God and science - I am confused in which to believe.
NOT RATED st marys worcester 12-11-08 12:19
you could believe in both because what caused the big bang? it could be God !
NOT RATED elizabeth 23-03-09 12:07
but doesnt that contradict the idea of the creation happening over 7 days. can you also accept evolution?
NOT RATED Paul 03-02-10 09:20
The seven day theory, is only relivant if you belive that the bible is an accurate representation of that eara. Personaly I belive that further study is needed in this topic as Im not comfortable as to speculate upon the initiation of the big bang, however I belive in the contenental drift therory, pangea ect..... and on whether or not to belive in evolution, the evidence is there it is completely up to yourselves to accept it or not.
NOT RATED XD 18-04-16 18:40
we don't know

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Managing conflicting interests and values

Different faith perspectives can conflict with scientific explanations, such as those of the origins of the Universe.
Text equivalent:

Limits to science

The Universe originated billions of years ago, scientists are limited by having to work with ancient evidence and lack of agreement within the scientific community over the best explanation.


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