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Are mobile phones a risk to health?

Controversies in Science

The use of mobile phones is a good example of a scientific controversy. Recent research studies have produced tentative evidence that mobile phones may have long-term health effects. However, this is by no means certain and the radiation produced by mobile phones falls well below current safety guidelines.

Would you give up your phone?

How many texts do you send a day? Many of us now rely on mobile phones for communicating and planning ahead. Parents are a lot happier about young people going off on their own if they know they can phone for help if needed. Would you really wish to give up your phone, even if you knew there was a possibility it might make you unwell?

Who's listening

Mobile phone companies in the EU are to be required to keep records of your calls for up to two years. Police regularly use these records to trace criminals' whereabouts. So you think they should be able to listen in too?

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Who's Listening

What's your opinion?

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Chantelle 25-03-08 12:11
i think mobile phnes are exellent.
NOT RATED ollie and ollie 10-04-08 13:56
we like mobil phones
fallen 20-04-08 15:12
i think the recycling of used mobile phones is important for the sake of environment.
are there any solid evidence of the potential damage of radiation in using of mobile phone?
NOT RATED Jocelyn 14-05-08 15:35
See the page "the science bit"
NOT RATED James cooper 18-11-08 15:07
i do believe insiquently the mobile telecommunicational devices are vey inadequate
NOT RATED Craig Midwinter 18-11-08 15:08
i think de fones are bad init
NOT RATED Nathan Giles 18-11-08 15:15
I like mobile phones i can ask my mum to put my tea on
NOT RATED Thomas Burke 19-01-09 13:35
I hte mobile fones cuz thy mke me speek lyk dis all teh time
peter davis 20-01-09 13:20
i think mobiles telecommunication devices are a brilliant idea, i wish i could hav 1
Dan Evans 20-01-09 13:33
im a fat emo, i h8 everything.

phones r good though
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Mobile phones & you


Do you consider mobile phones to be safe?
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Limits to science

We have not yet collected enough data to be very certain that mobile phones do not affect young people's health. Whilst the extent of damage through radiation or localised heating is likely to be minimal it is clear that using mobile phones whilst driving is proving very dangerous indeed.

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