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Who's using mobile phones

Source: National Statistics website:
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Ownership of mobile phones amongst young adults continues to rise. The chart on the right gives an indication in the rise in mobile phone ownership  from 2001 to 2003. The figures themselves are shown below.

United Kingdom Percentages


2001 2003
15-24 83 88
25-34 84 88
35-44 78 85
45-54 70 76
55-64 59 70
65-74 41 53
75 and over 13 24
All adults aged 15 and over 67 75

Q4.  Using the data in the charts explain the trends in mobile phone use.  Which age range shows the biggest increase?

Q5.  Given the increase in mobile phone usage between 2001 and 2003, what might be the percentage of users in the 15-24 age group in 2007?

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Jade Hellem 06-10-08 12:48
I think mobile phones should be alowed in school because they may be in danger outside of the school grounds and they may need to ring someone but they don't have a phone thats one of the main reasons why i think mobile phones should be brought to school!!!!
sophie morgan 12-11-08 12:10
i think there are more risk if you dont have a mobile phone because of lack of communication, and if you got lost what would you do?
Dan Evans 20-01-09 13:31
am I dumb or somin

I dont understrand any of it

I'm so dumb
anoif 12-06-09 10:20
i like 'phones. they iz kool.

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