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Mobile phones

Gtin th msg?

We need to be critical when we read reports in the media, and make sure it was a fair test. For example, mobile phone users tend to be young, and non-users tend to be older. For it to be a fair test, we must compare users and non-users of the same age.

Also, if a study only looks at a small number of people, random genetic factors play a big part. If one person in a study of ten people develops a brain tumour, it is possible that this could have nothing to do with mobile phone usage.

3000 people die each year on UK roads, yet most of us do not worry about travelling in cars. Drinking water seems safe, yet it can never be completely safe. It is important to weigh up the relative risks.

Question: If you were asked to study the risk of mobile phones on health, what measurements would you take?

Question: If there is a health risk with mobile phones, when (if ever) should we use them?

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ban mobil phones!!!!!
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