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Mobile phone mastHow do mobile phones work?

It is not only ovens that make use of microwaves – they are also used to send information from your mobile phone, whether it is a conversation, a text message, a photograph or even a video clip.

A mobile phone receives microwave signals from a nearby phone mast (or ‘transmitter’) and sends microwave signals back. These short bursts of microwave radiation can transmit a lot of information in a very short time.

Read through this presentation on Radio Waves

You should now know that base stations use radio waves to transmit radio waves to mobile phones. Conversations are then encoded as information in digital signals to be carried by these waves.

Q1. What range of frequencies are used to transmitting mobile signals?

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    • Answer: between 900MHz to 1.8 GHz

Q2. Referring to the electromagnetic spectrum can you find the approximate wavelength for the frequency range you have chosen in your answer to Q1.

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    • Answer: around 10-1m or 0.1m or 10 cm

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